The Mystery of Riko- Is Ash Really the Father?


Pokémon fans, hold onto your Poké Balls because we’re about to embark on a thrilling journey filled with theories, speculations, and surprises! The recent trailer for a new Pokémon series set in the Paldea region introduced us to two new protagonists, Roy and Riko. However, among the fanbase, one theory stood out above the rest – that Riko might be Ash Ketchum’s daughter! In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the evidence and explore whether this theory holds water.

The Hair Clip and Thunder Stone

One of the key pieces of evidence in favor of this theory is the hair clip Riko wears, which bears a striking resemblance to Ash’s iconic cap. While this seems like a solid clue, it’s essential to remember that it’s merely a hair clip and not a definitive paternity test. Moreover, Riko’s possession of a Thunder Stone necklace, similar to the one Ash encountered in his early Pokémon journey, suggests a connection between the two, but it’s not a conclusive indication of a parent-child relationship.

Genetic Traits: Eye and Hair Color

To determine the likelihood of Ash being Riko’s father, we must examine the genetic traits they share. Riko has blue eyes, which means she possesses two recessive blue alleles. However, Ash has brown eyes, making the odds of him passing on a blue-eyed gene quite low. Therefore, if Ash were to be Riko’s father, her mother would need to have blue eyes to guarantee passing on the blue allele.

Narrowing Down Potential Mothers

Based on the blue eyes and blue hair criteria, we narrow down the list of potential mothers. Dawn from Diamond and Pearl and Lana from Sun and Moon are the two remaining candidates. Lana’s unique eye and hair colors set her apart, but after analyzing Riko’s face shape, we conclude that Lana cannot be the mother, leaving Dawn as the most likely candidate.

Unraveling the Truth

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the theory, we must confront the fact that the evidence presented is flimsy at best. The assumptions made about Ash being Riko’s father fall apart under scrutiny. The hair clip and Thunder Stone connection are more likely mere coincidences, and the genetics do not align convincingly.

The True Essence of Pokémon

While the idea of Ash passing the torch to his daughter is heartwarming, it might not be the best direction for the Pokémon series. The beauty of Pokémon lies in its message that anyone can rise to greatness through hard work and determination. To have a new protagonist be the chosen one’s child could undermine this core idea.


In the end, the evidence supporting Riko being Ash’s daughter is shaky at best. While the theory might be captivating, it’s more likely a product of wishful thinking and nostalgia. As Pokémon fans, we must learn to embrace change and move forward, just as Ash himself has evolved over the years. Whether he remains the main character or steps aside to make room for new heroes, the spirit of Pokémon will endure, capturing the hearts of generations to come.