Hello Blog!

Opening with a cheesy title, as is tradition. Welcome to the first post here. Yaaaaaay.

I’m starting this because I want to write something every day in order to keep track of each day as it passes me by, rather than weeks and months and years and my life leaking away before I even know what’s happening.

That’s the minimum that I want to do: post at least something every day. Hopefully, I’ll actually post about something interesting every day. I also would like to attach a picture that I’ve taken, whether mundane or fascinating, whether a photograph or a drawing or a screenshot, just something.

Sadly, this first post will be rather meta. I am enjoying myself though, it’s nice to have this blank canvas to fill with letters, spilling my heart into the computer.

I dislike how the day changes at midnight. The transition to the next numbered day should have some meaning, but it doesn’t for me since I’m awake and it comes and goes and nothing happens apart from the number changing. That’s why I like to think about the day actually changing while I’m asleep. It makes it easier to understand and more significant in my life. And that’s why this post is dated 2023-02-17 when I’m typing these words at 3:51 am on 2023-02-18. It’s always the same day until either I sleep, or I decide I’m not going to sleep.

I expect some of what I type here will not make much sense, as it’s disconnected from other platforms. You can follow me on if you’re not a techbro.

I have formatting here! In fact, I’m writing this post in Markdown, which compiles to HTML. Let’s sum this up with a cute list of What I Will Write Here In The Future™

That’s all I want to write for now. Toodles!